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Thread: Desktop won't display in Jaunty, harddrive or GNOME related?

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    Exclamation Desktop won't display in Jaunty, harddrive or GNOME related?

    So I've been using Ubuntu for about a month and a half now, and jaunty for about 2 weeks now. Today I get on to my computer and I find that my desktop is completely black, no files, no folders on it, nothing. So I just thought i was a quirk and rebooted.
    No cigar, it still looks like it, although all my programs will come up.

    The source of the problem, I think is because my 2 hard drives just won't mount. And also, my 'File System' (where all the .stuff folders are) isn't there, when it normally is. When I try to mount them it says it's unable to and that the directory doesn't exist. Yesterday when I booted up it went through the routine chkdisk thing, which might/might not have effected the hard drives at all. Also, today when I logged on it asked if I had "FAM" installed and running, which has never happened before.

    However, when I choose the two hard drives (DATA and ACER) from the places menu, they will mount, but if I open Nautilus first and select it from the side panel, it says they won't mount.

    I've never had any trouble with my hard drives before, what should I do?
    *I don't know if I was clear on this or not...but everything (apps, normal system, internet) works, it's just I don't have a freaking desktop which can be a problem.

    I use GNOME and Nautilus, and my comp. is pretty new/fast. It's made by Acer w/ two hard drives and I dual-boot with Vista on one hard drive, Ubuntu on the other. (Dunno if that helped.)

    Attatched is a screen shot of it all.

    UPDATE I might be slightly crazy, but somehow the show desktop and icons checkbox in Nautilus wasn't checked. So, I checked it and everythings fine. So nevermind.
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