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Thread: ProjectM-pulseaudio

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    Just followed the installation guide and I'm getting a segmentation fault. It seems that dozens of other people are having the issue, but I am yet to find a thread that repairs the problem.

    paco@paco-desktop:~/projectm/projectM-Trunk/src$ projectM-pulseaudio
    reading ~/.projectM/config.inp
    [projectM] config file: /home/paco/.projectM/config.inp
    No Textures Loaded from /usr/share/projectM/textures
    set pipeline broken FIX ME
    [projectM] Allocating idle preset...
    [PresetFactory] path is Geiss & Sperl - Feedback (projectM idle HDR mix).milk
    [PresetFactory] url is idle://Geiss & Sperl - Feedback (projectM idle HDR mix).milk
    [projectM] warning: no valid files found in preset directory ""
    call factory clear here?
    call factory clear here?
    unconnected: connecting...
    connectHelper: "alsa_output.pci_8086_2668_sound_card_0_alsa_playb ack_0.monitor"
    Segmentation fault

    Any Idea's? Thanks for whatever help I get.

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    Re: ProjectM-pulseaudio

    So I'm responding to this so it won't get ignored. It's a common crash and no one so far has fixed it. Can anyone suggest how I might compile more information about this error?

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    Re: ProjectM-pulseaudio

    anyone solve this yet ?
    apparently it is a bug ...

    The error was because a call to glGetintegerv asking for 
    GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE was returning 0 which caused a floating point exception 
    when trying to calculate the texture width. I added a check to the source 
    code inside SOIL.c to see if it was 0 and if it was forced it to 4096 which 
    worked (which seems to be a common max texture size), although I am not 
    sure of the proper solution to this.

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