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Thread: Touchpad corners won't deactivate

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    Touchpad corners won't deactivate

    I have a synaptics touchpad, and whenever I use it,the corners of the touchpad perform actions that I don't want.

    Whenever I tap the bottom right part of the touchpad, the menu comes up. When I tap the top right part of my touchpad, it acts as a middle click. I have tried editing some .fdi files to make this stop, but I'm not sure the necessary options to put in an .fdi file to stop this. I would post my xorg.conf, but its commented out by hal.

    Can anyone just post an .fdi file that will stop the corners of my mousepad from performing actions?

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    Re: Touchpad corners won't deactivate


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    Re: Touchpad corners won't deactivate

    Try this...

    synclient TouchpadOff=0 MaxTapTime=150 ClickFinger1=1 ClickFinger2=2 ClickFinger3=3 RTCornerButton=0 RBCornerButton=0;
    It's been a while since I've read what each of those do but google it and you should be golden. I believe a value of zero for the corner buttons is in fact what you want.

    Hope it helps!

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