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Thread: Transmission Download Speed: 40 MBPS

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    Transmission Download Speed: 40 MBPS

    Hey everyone,

    My transmission download speed and upload speeds are incorrect. They are actually quite slow but it displays even as high as 40 MBPS. I have moblocker installed. I tried port forwarding via router, but it still says i have the "incoming" port closed.

    So how should i go about:

    1. Making transmission report correct download/upload speeds
    2. Increasing download speeds (I have cable and im getting like 20 KBPS).

    I have attached the screenshot for you guys to see.

    I figured out that my WRT54GS wireless router was to blame. I port forwarded BOTH (tcp and udp) port for transmission. The important part was to make sure that at least 2 ports were entered ie: 6112 - 6113. (before that i had 6112-6112). These are just examples i used the Regular Transmission Port.
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