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Thread: HOWTO: Cricket Wireless A600 Broadband Modem

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    Re: HOWTO: Cricket Wireless A600 Broadband Modem

    Quote Originally Posted by desnaike View Post
    Everyone the simplest way i've found is have the cricket store activate the device for you then through synaptic package manager install usb-modeswitch-data I did it at starbucks on the way from the cricket store (did'nt have a connection at home ) plugin the device and walla.
    Ahh it is truly wonderful that things have become this easy in just a yearishs time! Glad to see my flipping code made it upstream


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    Talking Re: HOWTO: Cricket Wireless A600 Broadband Modem


    I was about to be sad because usb-modeswitch-data is no longer available in the 11.10 repositories, but...

    There is now a fully automated Mobile Broadband "wizard" that pops up when you first plug in an appropriate device. My Cricket A605 was automatically detected, and after confirming my country and my provider, it began working immediately!!

    Go Ubuntu! Go 11.10!!!

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    Re: HOWTO: Cricket Wireless A600 Broadband Modem

    I wish ANY Linux distro would even recognize my cricket dongle...

    ZTE AC3781 usb dongle 10/18/2012

    Until Linux catches up I am STUCK with Windows 7

    Lets assume you had some flavor of linux and only had the usb dongle to connect with.

    How then could someone D/L the necessary items to get it to work?
    Reminds me of Win98 on a dialup with a corrupted inf file and no driver disk...
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