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Thread: HowTo: Fix broken Lightning extension in Thunderbird after Jaunty upgrade

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    HowTo: Fix broken Lightning extension in Thunderbird after Jaunty upgrade

    I found that after upgrading to Jaunty, the Lightning extension in Thunderbird stopped working, which I use for Tasks. I believe this applies to those who downloaded the extension from the web, rather than installing it from the Ubuntu repositories.

    The following directions are derived from Launchpad bug 278853.

    First remove Lightning from Thunderbird: Tools->Addons, select Lightning, and uninstall. Close Thunderbird.

    Now install libstdc++5:
    sudo apt-get install libstdc++5
    If you don't have the .xpi file for Lightning, get it at

    Now open Thunderbird again, and go back to Tools->Addons. Click the Install button, and browse to the extension file, lightning-0.9-tb-linux.xpi - click Open. At the Software Installation prompt, click Install Now after the short countdown, then click Restart Thunderbird.



    In 9.10 Karmic Koala, the libstdc++5 package is no longer available in the repositories. You will have to uninstall the Lightning extension in Thunderbird (Tools->Addons), then install the Lightning plugin direct from the Ubuntu Universe repositories.
    sudo apt-get install lightning-extension
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