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Thread: Unable to mount windows location

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    Unable to mount windows location

    I am brand new to a laptop and Ubuntu 9.04 - my first post.
    Congrats to Ubuntu-- a great advertisement for Linux!

    I have done some searching on this but could not quite match up--
    trying to Network File Browser to my main PC on the network (WinXP).
    NFB does display the PC correctly as NY4A-B.
    But when I open it, get the "UNABLE To MOUNT LOCATION"

    ---There are some catches:
    1) can acquire wife's pc ny4a-f (also winxp) just fine (same router)
    i can not think of a logical difference between the boxes except ny4a-b
    is wireless and serves as windows network browser.
    2) convinced this ubuntu 9.04 problem BUT **proven wrong**. I have Linux granular on a box on the network and he also unable to acquire the ny4a-b box.
    ny4a-b is the net browser designated server for the winxp network.
    3)I am able to get to my files on ny4a-b ok via smbfs to the IP address ???
    -- hence i have a workaround.

    So I am left thinking this is a linux/user problem.

    TIA, Howard

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    Re: Unable to mount windows location

    Color this FIXED !!!
    thanks, howard

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