I have recently upgraded to 9.04. I have a Dell PowerEdge T105 with a DVD burner.

My dvd device is recognised by the kernel and In the past (before upgrade) I have burned some disc. Might of had Slackware on when I did that...

What I am trying to do is burn an ISO image I have created to disc. --or just burn the files straight to disc without created the ISO. When I right click on the iso and choose write to disc, the dialog appears and for "Write disc to:" I only have one option, "File image".

I thought I would have a second option which would show the device to write to. The reason I created the ISO is because that was the only option I had when I added all the files to the "CD Creator" window.

Anyways, I cannot figure out how to write to my device. I cannot mount the device because the CD-R disc is empty and has no format I assume.

Can anyone make any suggestions for me?

thank you,
-chris worley