With previous versions of Ubuntu and Amarok, I remember changing an audio engine in the Amarok settings, therefore allowing Amarok and YouTube's audio to live together in peace.

I just upgraded to 9.04. When I installed Amarok, I got Amarok 2. Hmm, not bad. I thought it looked kind of cool until I saw the lack of settings in the configuration section. Sure enough, with YouTube active, Amarok is muted. So my first instinct is to adjust the audio engine... except I can't find it in Amarok 2...

Currently I'm enjoying Exaile, since it worked out of box alongside YouTube's audio... but I'd like to get Amarok 2 ironed out.

Why is Amarok 2 lacking so many settings than Amarok 1?
Why is Amarok 2 even having this issue in the first place?
What is it about Exaile that allows it to work out of box unlike Amarok 2?

In short - How do I fix Amarok 2 to be able to play alongside YouTube?