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Thread: HowTo use DiskDrake for Partitioning

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    Re: HowTo use DiskDrake for Partitioning

    works well, get it from mandriva 2009
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    Re: HowTo use DiskDrake for Partitioning

    Quote Originally Posted by aysiu View Post
    Azz, the whole point of this tutorial is to propose an alternative just in case GParted doesn't work out for some people. I've seen numerous times people posting "greyed out" options that should not be greyed out in GParted and QTParted. I've experienced these problems myself, too.

    I'm just proposing an alternative. If GParted and QTParted work out for people, I'm not going to stop them from using those tools.
    Good thing you are not an op on the irc channel, to suggest a non-Ubuntu answer there is tantamount to attempted murder.

    BTW I have has some times that a Gparted live cd or the gparted in Parted Magic on UBDCD or God forbid a Puppy Linux disk would work when the one in Ubuntu would not. I realize that is blasphemy to some .

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