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Thread: HOW-TO: Enable SYSRQ in macbooks!

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    HOW-TO: Enable SYSRQ in macbooks!

    This how-to will allow you to remap the SYSRQ key, that is absent in macbooks,
    to any other key on the keyboard, allowing you to REISUB properly in the
    moments of hard crashes.

    Warning: To use this tip you MUST recompile your kernel.
    You can use either the vanilla source or the ubuntu source.

    Step 1. Edit the file include/linux/input.h

    Search for the following line:
    #define KEY_SYSRQ               99
    And replace the number 99 with the number of any other key.
    I personally prefer 126, the useless right apple key.
    So my edited line looks like:
    #define KEY_SYSRQ               126

    Step 2. Enable Magic SYSRQ

    Be sure to enable the Magic SYSRQ in:
    [*] Kernel hacking -> Magic SysRq key

    Step 3. Recompile the kernel and enjoy

    Just recompile the kernel as usual.
    Next time you boot, hold ALT + NEW_KEY and press REISUB slowly!
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