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Thread: Firefox sound problems 9.04

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    Firefox sound problems 9.04

    I am still having sound problems with Firefox after upgrading.

    Initially had problems with video as well, but uninstalling and then re-installing Flash fixed the video. Still no audio.

    Initial problem: Video won't play on some sites like Hulu and YouTube. Other MM apps like MoviePlayer and Rhythmbox are OK.

    Did the following:

    * Removed flashplugin-installer
    * Installed flashplugin-installer (video started playing, but no sound

    * Again removed flashplugin-installer
    * Installed Flash from Adobe web site using the .deb package

    Video plays on all sites I have tried, including Hulu, but no sound. All other MM apps I have tried are playing sound properly.

    I have seen various flavors of this problem in the forums, but no resolutions specific to Firefox 3.0.9 on Ubuntu 9.04.

    Sound card is built-in Intel on a relatively new Dell Inspiron 530 with Intel motherboard and Pentium Dual core.

    Upgrade was performed via Update Manager. All else worked flawlessly.


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    Re: Firefox sound problems 9.04

    While I was posting my problem, good ol' Lachinchom posted a fix that worked for me:


    Hulu works; Pandora works; YouTube is OK, but I occasionally get faulty audio that is cured by shutting Firefox and starting over.


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