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Thread: Matlab 2009a on x64 intrepid

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    Post Matlab 2009a on x64 intrepid

    I have been using the latest version of matlab(2009a) on x64 ubuntu 8.10 for a couple of weeks now.
    Every thing works fine but I can't make the matlab compile my C files into Matlab mex(using mex function). Intrepid is shipped with gcc 4.3.2 while the latest version that matlab supports is still gcc 4.2.3 so I think this should be the source of the problem.
    When I mex a script, matlab warns me about the wrong version of the GCC and then the mex-ed file does not work properly. I get odd errors like "out of memory" or the mex ed function returns an incorrect value. The script works fine when I mex it on another computer with an older version of Linux(opensuse 10.3) which has a compatible GCC.

    I tried to install an older version of GCC on intrepid but I either did it wrong or it didn't solve my problem.

    I would appreciate if anyone have any idea/experience about solving this problem.

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