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Thread: 2 cards 3 monitors in jaunty

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    Re: 2 cards 3 monitors in jaunty

    I had this same problem. Apparently, Xinerama doesn't work with multiple cards in newer versions of Xorg. I was able to get my triple head setup back by downgrading X to Hardy's version. Here's how I did it:

    Hope it helps!

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    Re: 2 cards 3 monitors in jaunty

    I have a two-card system with three monitors. I had the same problems that others have had (can't boot into X after install nvidia drivers). I solved this by following the advice in this link:

    The main thing is to run nvidia-xconfig -a to configure X for multiple cards.

    Also, I think the nvidia drivers that Ubuntu supplies have a bug, so I got an error when nvidia-xconfig looked for the file: . You need to create a symbolic link to the version-specific file (as described here: It worked perfectly for me after that.

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    Re: 2 cards 3 monitors in jaunty

    I am hoping there is away todo this without having to downgrade

    there is my config

    one card / 2 monitors come on fine. The 3rd card and monitor never come on.

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    Re: 2 cards 3 monitors in jaunty

    I actually got mine going.. of course its spawning a seperate xsession. As I have my onboard card and a PCIe card (both nVidia) I simply had to set my BIOS to boot the onboard first.. once I did that I had no issues configuring all 3

    *Note: No downgrade was required. Onboard is single monitor xsession, 8600 catd is dual monitors spanning an xsession

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