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Thread: Router log to Ubuntu syslog

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    Router log to Ubuntu syslog

    Hi all,

    I have a D-link DIR-655 router which enables me to send the logging to a syslog server. Since my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server runs a syslog daemon, I thought it would be nice to set this up. So what did I do?

    1. In my router, I enables the syslog function, pointing to Ubuntu server:
    2. Then I changed /etc/syslog.conf and added the line: System3.* /var/log/router.log
    3. Changed /etc/default/syslogd and made sure the syslog server runs at SYSLOGD="-r" (to enable remote hosts)
    4. Created the file /var/log/router.log

    But unfortunately no entries are written to the router.log file. Am I doing something wrong?

    After checking the /var/log/syslog file, I found out that the router indeed writes logging to Ubuntu, since I found the next line;

    Apr 25 11:30:52 Fri Apr 24 10:30:07 2009 D-Link Systems DIR-655 System Log: Blocked incoming UDP packet from to
    So the only thing I need to do now is to filter messages from the router and write them to router.log. I thought the line "System3.* /var/log/router.log" would do that, but unfortunately it doesn't. How can I determine the 'facility'-name from the router?
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    Re: Router log to Ubuntu syslog

    I have a similar issue. I got my firewall logging to my ubuntu server, however it's logging to /var/log/syslog and I'd like it to log into its own log file. anyone know how to do that?


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    Re: Router log to Ubuntu syslog

    Try /var/log/router.log

    in your /etc/syslog.conf file. It worked for me with the D-Link DIR-655 router. My only problem now is that the router log information (router.log) is duplicated in the syslog file.

    Any one no how I can fix this problem of duplicating log entries?


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    Re: Router log to Ubuntu syslog

    It would be nice to include something along this line for the new
    since that seems to be the new default.

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