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Thread: Workaround to get sound on HP mini 1000 (or 1120 NR) with Jaunty

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    Re: Workaround to get sound on HP mini 1000 (or 1120 NR) with Jaunty

    Quote Originally Posted by fooman View Post
    it was: hp-mini-remix-9.04-090704.iso ...if that helps.
    It doesn't help, but it's good to know. I guess that's just some kind of weird Remastersys bug. I thought I'd fixed that, but maybe it can't be fixed. Thanks for confirming that.

    runs really well on here, btw.... i was not quite sure what to expect when i picked this thing up (used from craigslist....with 2 gigs ram installed). i was surprised at how fast the pre-installed xp booted up, but i immediatlely put your iso on a usb stick and installed onto here, completely wiping xp along with it.

    not really surprised, but overjoyed non the less when i found that after the install had completed, and i booted into ubuntu the first time....everything was working!! ....wireless, webcam, sound, scroll function in the trackpad, compiz...all working without me having to lift a finger!

    thanks again.
    Glad you like it!

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    Re: Workaround to get sound on HP mini 1000 (or 1120 NR) with Jaunty

    can someone help me reverse this? it worked for jaunty for a bit then stopped (as stated earlier) i decieded to switch to Linux Mint. The headphone port worked just fine but the speakers didnt same as in jaunty. Whin i did all these steps it killed the port. im just trying to get that to work again, i can live without speakers. anything i can do to reverse this?
    also for those that dont know, Mint is ubuntu based and is pretty much the same at its core, so any ubuntu fixes to this should work in mint.

    edit: sorry didnt see that this was explained on page two.
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    Re: Workaround to get sound on HP mini 1000 (or 1120 NR) with Jaunty

    Quote Originally Posted by mozillar View Post
    After a clean install of Jaunty on my HP mini 1120 NR, there was no sound from the speaker. Sound from the headphone jack did work, however.

    This is a known bug (#318942) and is identified in the release notes as a known issue for the HP mini.

    I did manage to find a workaround to use until an official fix is released:

    In Synaptic:

    Add these to your repository sources:

    deb jaunty main
    deb-src jaunty main

    Click "Reload" and "Mark all Upgrades"

    Also make sure these two packages are installed:


    Click Apply to apply changes.

    As root, edit /etc/alsa/alsa-source.conf
    On line 11 you should have:

    In terminal:
    sudo m-a a-i alsa-source

    Reboot and then un-mute headphone & speaker in volume control.

    You should now have sound from both the speaker and headphone jack.

    - You may need to un-mute the headphone and speaker to hear sounds after each reboot. Click the volume control and un-mute.
    - You may want to mute the PC beep. Click the volume control, click "Preferences" and select the checkbox for PC Beep to make that track visible. Then mute the PC Beep.
    - Haven't tested the mic, so I don't know if that works.
    HI !

    I have a mini 110c and i had the same problem with the audio, but i installed ubuntu 9.10 and everything is running now !! !!

    Only one advertisement, the wireless did not work, I had to install the "These package contains Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driverfor use with Broadcom's BCM4311-, BCM4312-, BCM4321-, andBCM4322-based hardware." a driver not free, you can install it or the free one in "System" >"administration"> "hardware drivers" (you need internet, so with a wire).

    buona fortuna per tutti

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