I replaced my vista-based laptop with an Ubuntu-running Dell netbook, and while I love it I still haven't been able to connect to my internet at home.

I connect to the internet with a cable modem and not a wireless router. When I was using my Vista laptop, the computer would recognize the physical connection to the cable/cable activity upon startup and I would click on the network symbol on the toolbar, click on the connect to network, enter a user name (that was saved) with a password and only then would i be online.

Ubuntu recognizes my cable connection, but I can;t figure out how to get online...my ISP requires a user name and password to log-on and I can't find an area of Ubuntu that will allow me to do this.

Any thoughts? This has been driving me nuts for a few days now. Neither Dell nor my ISP will offer any tech support for Ubuntu systems and I'm living without internet.

Many thanks to whomever can help me solve this problem!!!

(other than by purchasing a router, which is impossible to do from a store in the country I'm living in at the moment)