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    I use a different GNOME mouse theme in another distro and decided to port it over to Ubuntu.

    The default mouse theme, Human, is located at /usr/share/icons/Human/cursors

    Open up a root terminal, input your su password
    cd /usr/share/icons/Human
    makdir old-cursors
    cd /usr/share/icons/Human/cursors
    mv * /usr/share/icons/old-cursors
    cp /home/{your username}/green/* /usr/share/icons/Human/cursors
    logout, login.
    It's got two different watches, though, the SuSE animated blue and the small regular (which only seems to work within FireFox). But the cursors are in green.

    For me the green cursors go great with my green scroll bars from Gentoo's GNOME flavour of Linux.

    Here are the green cursors:
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