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Thread: Nothing works! :O. Jaunty failing to install from any media.

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    Nothing works! :O. Jaunty failing to install from any media.

    Ok, so I pretty much hate life right now.

    I have been a ubuntu user for quite some time, but went away for a bit. Basically, I saw 9.04 RC and was like "sweet!" and downloaded the graphical installer...... which failed.

    This CD, when booting, just came up with busy box. All of the searches I have done have come up with the suggestions of turning on quiet splash, which I cannot find.

    I then attempted it using unetbootin and a live usb - which didn't boot.

    So, I gave up. After a fairly large chunk of time crying, I decided to download the alternate installer. It booted, hurrah, but with one issue - it cannot detect my cd drive. Crushed once more, I though "wait - what about unetbootin" (again). Hence, I used that to put the alternate installer on the usb and, once more, it refused to boot.

    Basically: nothing works, I am grumpy and stressed, and I don't want to wait 3 days until the actual installer comes out in case it doesn't work either. Halp! A resolution to any of the above problems would really make my day.


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    While bitching and moaning, I realised it might be helpful to actually provide information:

    From windows, I can see my DVD Drive is an ATAPI - if this helps.

    I have successfully installed every version of ubuntu (via CD) from Feisty - 8.10, so it seems to be an issue of this version. I am using the i386 installer on an intel C2D with 1.5gb of ram.

    Also - this has been discussed here ( and no-one has answered in nearly 6 months. Is there any solution???
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    Re: Nothing works! :O. Jaunty failing to install from any media.

    Did you check the md5sum* of the downloaded iso before you burned it? Did you use the option on the CDs boot menu to check it for defects?

    *Jaunty RC MD5SUMs
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    Re: Nothing works! :O. Jaunty failing to install from any media.

    I had the same problem.

    Try typing exit about 5 or 6 times, then there should be about a 30 second delay and the installer will load.

    At least this worked for me!

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