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Thread: Uninstall Virtualbox

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    Re: Uninstall Virtualbox

    You can uninstall virtual box via the synaptic package manager if you are using Ubuntu 9.10 (System --> administration --> synaptic package manager).

    The trick is to not do a quick search - hit the search icon (directly next to the quick search box) and simply search for "virtual" - virtualbox will then show up - simply mark for removal and apply your changes - even if you have a bad install, it will be removed completely.

    One last important note: if you are trying to install the most current version of virtual box after uninstalling via the method above...if the virualbox icon does not appear under your system tools for launch, wait a couple of minutes, if it still does not appear....simply re-install the 3.1 package and it will be successful.

    Hope this helps anyone.

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    Re: Uninstall Virtualbox

    Thank You! Huge help.

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