I just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 8.10, dual boot with WinXP. Now, when I boot my computer it says it can't find a keyboard, but after the GRUB screen and as soon as linux begins to boot, the keyboard works perfectly. As soon as it begins to boot, Alt-Ctl-Del works, but no keyboard again once it starts rebooting. If I let linux boot, the keyboard works just fine.

I needed to get to my Windows installation, but I couldn't choose that option from GRUB because the keyboard wasn't working. So, I went ahead and booted into linux, found the GRUB directory and edited menu.lst, moving my windows installation to the top. That worked, and now my computer boots straight into windows without any keyboard input, but the keyboard doesn't work at all now. So, now I can't get back into linux, nor can I boot from the cd because I can't get into the bios to tell the computer to boot from cd. If that's not bad enough, I'm stuck using Windows with only the mouse.

Does anybody have any idea what has happened or what I can do to fix it?