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Thread: Configuring Huawei Wireless USB Broadband Modem

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    Re: Configuring Huawei Wireless USB Broadband Modem

    Hey guys,

    i just bought a Reliance Netconnect HUawei EC 168C rotable USB Stick.

    No need for any configuration or drivers on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.

    Just plug it in.

    "Preferences>Network Connections> Mobile Broadband" should detect "Auto Mobile Broadband CDMS connection"

    select the connection to add phone number "#777" and you username/ password, both of which should be your 10 digit phone number.

    that is all. choose the connection from notification area and enjoy.

    in case it does not work. just try the following command on the terminal.

    "sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf" which will
    detect the modem and install it for internet connection.

    the process is much simpler than configuring the modem on windows.

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    Re: Configuring Huawei Wireless USB Broadband Modem

    I recently bought a reliance netconnect using Huawei EC1260 modem. The method described above works with this model as well, (at least it worked with me both on my desktop and laptop, on Ubuntu 9.04) so I would presume that it should work with any modem from Huawei for reliance netconnect. I just have the following additional points to note:

    1. If on inserting the USB modem, Ubuntu automatically does not detect it, then one has two options:
    a) Configure the wvdial.conf file using the method given above, i.e. install wvdial from synaptic, then run sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf, and then run sudo wvdial everytime you need to connect to internet.
    b) alternately, after configuring the wvdial file, you can go to Preferences >> Network Connections, click on mobile broadband. If it has not already detected your connection, go to add connections, and choose from a list of connections. Since Reliance Netconnect is not included in this list, you can choose a similar connection like Tata Indicom Plug2surf, and then edit the connection by changing the phone no. to #777 and username and password to your 10-digit reliance netconnect no. Now this connection should automatically be detected everytime you insert the modem, so one does not have to go to terminal and type "sudo wvdial" everytime.

    2. The other issue I faced was a corruption in the wvdial.conf file in some of the repositories. I had downloaded this from the main server, and it seems that there was some error in this file, where some junk characters had inadvertently crept into the file. If you are unable to configure your wvdial, it could possibly be because of a similar error. In this case, open this file using a text editor, and look for obvious errors, alternately, remove this file, change your repository and download wvdial again.

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