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Thread: HOWTO : DBoxFE [A GUI for Dosbox].

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    HOWTO : DBoxFE [A GUI for Dosbox].


    To install DBoxFE . which is a GUI for Dosbox , We need :

    Dosbox and Development Library of Qt4 and files needed for compiling.

    To do that , simply put in the terminal :

    sudo apt-get install dosbox libqt4-dev build-essential
    Now , we need to download the source file for DBoxFE , because its not available in a packaged Binary for each Distro.To do that , simply click here :

    And select a mirror to download it.

    Save the dboxfe-0.1.3.tar.bz2 to your Desktop.

    Next , Open up a terminal
    [And enter the commands , one line at a time pressing enter after each] :

    mkdir ~/.dboxfe
    cd ~/.dboxfe
    tar -xvf ~/Desktop/dboxfe-0.1.3.tar.bz2 
    cd dboxfe-0.1.3/
    make -f Makefile
    cd dboxfetray/
    make -f Makefile
    It's installed , now to make a launcher for DBoxFe :
    cd ~/Desktop
    ln ~/.dboxfe/dboxfe-0.1.3/bin/dboxfe DBoxFE
    Now You have an icon on the Desktop , which you can right click to open up DBoxFE.

    Just post back if you need some help with this!
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