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Thread: Help with ModemData.gz file

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    Help with ModemData.gz file

    Hi, I'm a newbie - I have Ubuntu booting and running from CD, but no luck connecting to internet. I think it's the internal modem is not responding to Linux. I have attached the file ModemData.gz as suggested in Linmodems help page.

    anyone out there who can help please?


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    Re: Help with ModemData.gz file

    You have attached the program that does a scan of your modem to give you information about how to set it up and connect. To help, you need to see the output files from running this. Open a terminal and do:
    gunzip scanModem.gz
    chmod +x scanModem
    A text file will be created called ModemData.txt. Once you have read that file, you will have the information you need to proceed. Post back if you get stuck.
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