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Thread: viruses?

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    Arrow viruses?

    i keep hearing that there are viruses for ubuntu, and that there arent. what is the truth?

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    Re: viruses?

    As far as we know, there are none currently in circulation. That being said, it doesn't hurt to be safe.
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    Re: viruses?

    In the lab there have viruses made, but in the wild, there was only one. You don't need to run anti-virus unless you have an email client and want to avoid passing on viruses in emails to your Window using friends.
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    Re: viruses?

    Moved to recurring discussions as the topic is quite broad.

    1. Viruses for Linux have been developed as a "proof of concept". None are currently active.

    2. Depending on who you are talking to, the term "Virus" may refer to almost any kind of malware. I am not arguing semantics, I am just saying it seems to me that many if not most Windows users use the term "virus" indiscriminately.

    3. If you are interested in Linux Security, start here:

    Ubuntu Security - Ubuntu Forums

    If you are interested in opinions and researching Linux viruses, I would suggest Google. A simple google search yields a number of hits.

    Take care to check the source. It seems to me that some (most ? ) of the people advocating antivirus on Linux are trying to sell something, do not understand security all that well (they do not use security terminology accurately), play the "what if" card frequently, etc, so check your sources of information. You certainly will get a different perspecitive for the hard core security orginizations and GNU then personal blogs.

    After researching the subject for yourself, you will have to decide the "truth" for yourself. Everything else is someone else's opinion.
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    Re: viruses?

    The "truth" is that security is up to you. Read the link above and work to gain some understanding of your system.

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    Re: viruses?

    I'd also like to point out that the "proof of concept" viruses and the real transmittable viruses could only infect computers through security flaws that were present in some software at the time. Since then, those security flaws have been fixed. Even if somebody started executing one of those old Linux viruses, it would not be able to enter ANY Ubuntu system. The first version of Ubuntu post-dates the last known Linux virus, and the security system in Ubuntu 9.04 is lightyears ahead of that in Ubuntu 4.10.
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