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Thread: Acer Aspire One Wifi troubles

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    Acer Aspire One Wifi troubles

    Ok, I love my Acer, but ever since I switched my wireless security to WEP 128 to accommodate a network camera, I get very intermittent wireless connectivity. Most of the time, I can't connect at all. It just keeps asking me for the pass phase or key (I've tried both ASCII and HEX). I was able to connect last night with full access to the network. Now network manager says I'm connected, but I can't ping my local network or the internet.

    The driver I'm was listed on this page here but they seem to have changed it... if you can tell me how to check, I'll report back with the info.

    Please help!


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    Question Re: Acer Aspire One Wifi troubles

    Ok, it looks like the driver on the page I linked to before is the one to use. Can someone help me "uninstall" the present driver so I can follow the How-To to install the new one?


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    Re: Acer Aspire One Wifi troubles

    To get rid of any older versions of the driver before installing the new ones, do the following. After unpacking the tarball (the "tar -xzf ..." command) run these commands:
    cd madwifi-hal-*/
    cd scripts/
    sudo ./madwifi-unload
    sudo ./ $(uname -r)
    Then continue with the install.
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