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Thread: XFCE not logging in

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    Unhappy XFCE not logging in

    I installed xfce and was pretty happy with it, when one day, I log on and nothing happens. Just a light blue screen comes up, not loading anything, and the desktop doesn't show.

    I tried and deleted xfce and xfce4-session from the ~/.config directory, so that they get created and set to defaults the next time I log in. But it still won't work.

    Then I created another user, and it was logging in fine.

    My user is still not logging in xfce. Can anyone help?

    I am using Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid.
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    Re: XFCE not logging in

    Are you using a login splash? when I did this, it crashed and I couldn't log in. If so, post back and I'll guide you through removing the splash (not in /.config - that's GNOME btw - I think).
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