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Thread: Extract audio from mp4

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

    sound converter worked for me.

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

    Quote Originally Posted by vinutux View Post
    convert to mp3 with "sound conveter"

    open it in "audacity"

    play it and deleted unwanted portions & save it as mp3
    that's a really "great" solution. first lose quality by converting the original audio track of the video to mp3, and then compress it once again with audacity. yes, the other "solutions" provided here will also result in unnecessary quality loss.

    is there any solution to extract the original aac audio without doing such silly conversions? no, extracting to wav and then encoding the already lossy audio (hint: it won't become lossless just because it's converted to wav) to a lossy/lossless format is not a solution
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    Re: Extract audio from mp4


    - install with mp4box
    - run, editing/click to extract streams
    - add input mp4
    - select audio track (aac)
    - select mp4 output (in raw format you won't be able to seek)
    - set output folder to something else than the original mp4

    a linux solution would be handy, but i couldn't find one yet. i think it will run with wine but i haven't tested it.

    useful pages:

    especially this post:

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

    I am really shocked, at my desktop I am used to look for applications on Internet or at dealers and then I have to be sure that configuration is appropiated to run the application (a whole mess).

    But with Ubuntu is completely different: meanning, easy, fast and every single application is like the OS itself, completely light (no HD or RAM or excessive cache demanding).

    I have installed the AudioConverter and have converted some mp4 files on mp3, faster than it takes me to registrate to the Forum in order to comment.

    However, I have tried also to convert flv files, without success. If there any "secret" to do it, I would appreciate to know it.

    I have read this can be made using Utube ripper, but I just want to know the options, as a new Ubuntu user.

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

    You can use MP4Box to extract the audio or video without the need to re-encode it.

    To install MP4Box:
     sudo apt-get install gpac
    To view the tracks in the mp4:
     MP4Box -info file.mp4
    * Movie Info *
        Timescale 600 - Duration 00:03:58.858
        Fragmented File no - 2 track(s)
        File Brand mp42 - version 0
        Created: GMT Sat Oct 16 23:46:24 2010
    File has root IOD
    Scene PL 0xff - Graphics PL 0xff - OD PL 0xff
    Visual PL: AVC/H264 Profile (0x15)
    Audio PL: AAC Profile @ Level 2 (0x29)
    No streams included in root OD
    iTunes Info:
    Track # 1 Info - TrackID 1 - TimeScale 1000 - Duration 00:03:58.859
    Media Info: Language "Undetermined" - Type "vide:avc1" - 5727 samples
    MPEG-4 Config: Visual Stream - ObjectTypeIndication 0x21
    AVC/H264 Video - Visual Size 1280 x 720 - Profile High @ Level 3.1
    NAL Unit length bits: 32
    Pixel Aspect Ratio 1:1 - Indicated track size 1280 x 720
    Track # 2 Info - TrackID 2 - TimeScale 44100 - Duration 00:03:58.840
    Media Info: Language "Undetermined" - Type "soun:mp4a" - 10286 samples
    MPEG-4 Config:Audio Stream - ObjectTypeIndication 0x40
    MPEG-4 Audio AAC LC - 2 Channel(s) - SampleRate 44100
    Synchronized on stream 1
    To extract the audio (in my case Track# 2):
     MP4Box -raw 2 file.mp4

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

    Quote Originally Posted by octavianus View Post
    Keep it simple.It is a very easy process with "Sound Converter" which is available in the repository. Just drop the mp4 file(s) in the Sound Converter dialogue box and convert it in to Mp3 , ogg or AAC whatever you prefer.
    The easiest way ever
    You might also need the following to convert to mp3
    sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

    To extract the actual audio track as-is (no re-encoding),

    (1) First find out what format the sound track is in (you need to know this to help choose the correct file extension in step 2):

    ffmpeg -i my_video.mp4
    There should be a line in the output which identifies the audio codec, something like:

    Stream #0.0(und): Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 125 kb/s

    (2) Then to extract the audio:

    ffmpeg -i my_video.mp4 -vn -acodec copy my_audio.m4a
    Thanks to Howard Pritchett for his howto at

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

    Don't know about sound converter, there is a very easy to use program called WINFF which is basically ffmpeg with a GUI. It works for me (or you can use ffmpeg on the terminal) I think it does batch conversion as well.

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    Re: Extract audio from mp4

    Just wanna bump this from a while ago. Needed to pull aac from mp4s (a lot of them in a recursive way). Sound converter makes quick work of the recursive conversion from aac to mp3, but I really had no reason to convert. AAC was just fine with me.

    ffmpeg -i my_video.mp4 -vn -acodec copy my_audio.m4a
    worked perfectly once i changed it for aac. Thanks, thomas_d_j.

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