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Thread: Free Software Magazine in jail!

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    Free Software Magazine in jail!


    This is about this post, recently placed in the Jail:

    I don't mean to be a pain. You are the forum administrator, and therefore you know what you are doing.
    However... well, our post is the first one of a list that goes like this:

    * Vote for Iraq War* and Get $500 Gift Card!!
    * Low mortagge ratee approvall
    * Pre-approved Application #SJ808789

    Free Software Magazine is a *free* Magazine (free as in FREEDOM) about free software (free as in freedom). We now want to start to talk about Ubuntu a lot. We are more than happy to professionally edit material which will then probably end up in the Wiki.

    Again, I receive enough whining in FSM, and the last thing I want to do is become yet another "whiner". However... are you sure our thread classifies as "SPAM"?

    Would it be better if I actually asked the Ubuntu community what they would like us to cover about Ubuntu? (And, in the mean time, look for writers?) [EDIT: see my next comment about this matter, which came from Dave Guard's suggestion]

    I believe in Ubuntu - I honestly think it "saved" Linux in the desktop. However, at the moment, I can't seem to be able to find writers. This is the spot where the Ubuntu community gathers... and this is why I put the post there. I really couldn't think of a better forum, unfortunately. [EDIT: because I didn't look hard enough. Shame of me, and... sorry )

    Please let me know,

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    Re: Free Software Magazine in jail!


    I've just noticed that a "good" (but not as populated) forum for my message is the "marketplace".
    Also, Dave (the editor) made me notice that the original post was dumb, because we are missing the opportunity to ask the community's members what they'd like to read in Free Software Magazine.
    So... I propose this as a resolution. Please let me know if it's suitable. I won't do anything until I get a response - I am a little paranoid now!

    * I post the original message (the one now in "Jail) in the marketplace forum

    * I post a this message in the "main" Ubuntu support forums:


    At Free Software Magazine [I won't put the link there], we are dedicating a whole section of the magazine to Ubuntu. Every article is free (as in freedom!). So, they will probably end up in the Ubuntu wiki, after professional editing.

    The first question I ought to ask is: what articles would you like to see published? What's missing out there? I am inclined to assign articles that explain how to *use* Ubuntu, using the command line as little as possible. What do you think?

    And... we are also looking for authors. I posted a new thread [HERE], in the marketplace forum. If you are interested in writing, please let us know!


    Is this an acceptable solution?
    I totally understand that it's not a support thread, strictly speaking. However... well, it sort-of is, because the articles will then be able to support users...!

    Please let me know!
    (And... regardless of what the answer is, keep up the fantastic work with the forums!)


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    Re: Free Software Magazine in jail!

    Ok, first of all: Oops.

    Second of all - I've moved your original post (it wasn't dumb - we have GREAT writers here!) to the Community Chat - which is where you should catch some of our great writers at work.

    The Marketplace would be a nice place to post, but, I also suggest creating a new thread in the community chat area about what they would like to see in the mag.

    Typically we try to keep the support area clear of any non-technical support posts/threads - which is probably why your post was reported as spam.

    If you would like to talk to me further about how we can help you, PM me.

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    Re: Free Software Magazine in jail!

    No problem at all - thanks a million!




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