OK, here's the thing. I recently installed Ubuntu Hardy in VirtualBox for a spoof project. I then installed KDE on top of that and got it set up the way I needed it and all was fine. Once I'd done that all, I decided to install KDM from apt-get. When it asked me if I wanted to keep my current kdmrc, I said yes. After KDM was set up, I could log in, but just got the stock X11 terminal. I could get round that by issuing the command "startkde". Unfortunately, after I'd rebooted, I found that the KDM login screen was not accepting any user input. I tried Ctrl+Alt+F<n>, but didn't get anywhere.

Does anyone know if there is a way to reset the kdmrc file before the KDM login screen appears? I seem to be able to use the keyboard before then.