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    This is a brief thread at this point

    Ubuntu 9.04 Host

    1. KVM - Works out of the box for me .
    2. Virtualbox - On the Sun site {PUEL edition} , Virtualbox 2.2.0 is available for Ubuntu 9.04. Works fine .
    3. Vmware Server 1.0.9 - As usual VMWare takes a little effort

      Basically follow the instructions here .

      Extract the vmware archive. This will extract to a directory "vmware-server-distrib"

      DO NOT run the install script ( ... yet

      First download the patch for the 2.6.27 kernel (works on the 2.6.28 kernel as well) from here. Extract the archive (vmware-update-2.6.27-5.5.7-2) and save it inside the "vmware-server-distrib" directoy.

      Now (assuming all this is in your home directory)

      cd ~/vmware-server-distrib/vmware-update-2.6.27-5.5.7-2
      and run the "" as root.

      sudo ./
      the "" will call the installer and from there continue with the installation, including entering a serial number and configuring your keyboard.

    VMWare mouse thread

    Ubuntu 9.04 Guest

    1. KVM - No problems. I have been running 9.04 as a guest in KVM since Alpha 2.
    2. VirtualBox - Installing the VirtualBox Additions is a bit tricky. You have to manually extract the installer scripts and manually modify them. Once you do that they work fine. For instructions see this blog for installation instructions. Otherwise I have also been running 9.04 as a guest in VirtualBox since the first Alpha.
    3. VMWare - I have not yet tried installing the VMWare Toolbox on a 9.04 guest.

    Enjoy - I will try to give more detailed instructions after the final release
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