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Thread: Accented Characters Trouble

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    Accented Characters Trouble

    I recently switched my desktop to Spanish. I also switched my keyboard to US international or something so I was able to type accented characters by typing the accent and then the letter, i.e. ' and then e to get é. This worked for a while in with the entire system. Now I can't use this trick in Firefox, only in notepad or OpenOffice Writer. I don't know what I changed. How can I get it to work in Firefox again? Firefox is also in Spanish, in case it matters.


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    Re: Accented Characters Trouble

    System -> Preference -> Keyboard, then add a Spanish layout and edit the shortcut that switches between layouts. You will be able to type in any application with it. I am using Cyrillic that has fa more different characters (with respect to English) than Spanish.

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