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Thread: Ir blaster and Directv d12-300

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    Unhappy Ir blaster and Directv d12-100

    Hi there Phroman, I am a Newbie in Ubuntu, I will like to know if u could help me... I read your post and I like it...

    So let me explain myself to see if u or other people in the forum could help me, I have install Ubuntu 9.10 with Mythtv Backend on a computer, and 3 frontend in diferents computers, I have 3 Hauppauge Wintv-hvr-1950 install in the backend connected to 3 Direct Tv d12-100 Receivers.

    In the frontends I have install a Streamzap Pc Remote, Usb Infrared Receiver, I could control the Mythtv interface, I could play, pause, stop, rewind, etc.. What I cant do is change channels on mythtv watch tv...

    Some post that I have read before is that the Ir Blaster has to be installed and the changing channels script has to be in the /usr/bin folder. But I cannot get this 2 things...

    Plz Help me I cant get it to work...
    Thanks a lot....

    Quote Originally Posted by phroman View Post
    Ok, I've successfully setup my remote and a usb ir blaster, so I figured, how hard could it be to set up a serial ir blaster? Well, I just submitted a new post asking for help cause' I can't get mine working... I'm using different hardware than you are, but I can give you a few things to try out, maybe you'll get lucky. First go to /etc/lirc/ and make a backup of hardware.conf and lircd.conf

    At the terminal, type this:

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure setserial
    It will bring up a graphical window a la' 1986, I think the first screen you just hit enter to continue, then the following screen is where you use the arrow key to move down and select : Manually, then exit out of the window. What you are doing is telling the lirc program not to overwrite this file in the future, and mess up the manual changes you've made.

    Now you need to modify a file. (these are all just regular text files btw) It's located in /etc/modprobe.d/lirc - it might be called lirc-serial.conf You have to un-comment, ie. remove the hash mark, so that the program reads the line. It should look like this:

    #COM1 equivalent , /dev/ttyS0
    options lirc_serial irq=4 io=0x3f8
    #COM1 equivalent , /dev/ttyS2
    #options lirc_serial irq=3 io=0x2f8

    Another file to edit, it's located in /var/lib/setserial/autoserial.conf You're going to add or modify if it's already there, a line at the bottom:
    /dev/ttyS0 uart none
    Then, you are going to add that exact line again into another file, located at: /etc/serial.conf If the file doesn't exist, create it.

    2: Back to the command line, type: dpkg-reconfigure lirc

    The first screen/section is for setting up a remote, use the arrows key to move up to NONE, hit enter. This next section is where lirc will create a hardware.conf file for you, based on what you choose. You want to move down to where it says, SERIAL, I think there is a choice of SERIAL IR of some sort, and one for SERIAL (UART) Direct TV Receiver. Try the ir one first. Next screen you should choose ttyS0, and exit out of the program. Next is to open your /etc/lirc/hardware.conf file. This is what lirc just created, see in the transmitter section where it says:

    #Chosen Transmitter
    TRANSMITTER=" what ever the name is here "
    change the name in quotes to "SERIAL"

    Next, go to the file: /usr/share/lirc/transmitters/directtv/general.conf About 10 lines down or so it will say: name .
    enter SERIAL here, no quotes or anything. Save this file.

    Back to the command line: Enter this:
    sudo irsend -d /dev/lircd0 SEND_ONCE SERIAL guide
    This is where we try to tell the program lirc to send the code for guide, (the direct tv guide) to the STB. Copy any errors that you see if this doesn't work, ie. if it doesn't bring up your Direct TV guide. But, hopefully your Direct TV Guide came up. If not, post back and hopefully I've learned more and can help debug.

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    Re: Ir blaster and Directv d12-300

    Hi samymusleh, I've never setup a system with a remote backend so I'm not sure myself how channel changing works with multiple frontends and multiple tuner cards. I'm guessing its similar to a set up on a local machine, so I'll give it a go.

    You have the streamzap remote working, so that's obviously good, but now you need to set up transmitting. I had a lot of trouble with lirc and infrared transmitting when I was trying it last time simply due to my inexperience. I now have my system set up with a serial transmitter, not infrared, and I think it's much easier to setup, and from everything I've read, more reliable. This does requires that you have a com port on your system, and then you have to buy 2 cables. Together the cables will probably cost you about $26.00. So before we go any further, let me know if this is ok with you, then we'll get to the setup. Phroman.
    Mythfrontend version: fixes/0.24 (v0.24-250-g56c54fa)

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