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Thread: Xterm background color

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    Xterm background color

    I am currently running kubuntu 9.04 beta. I am using xterm for carrying out my CLI commands. I would like to change the color of the background for my xterm window. How do i go about changing the background color of the xterm window.

    Please advise what config files do i have to modify...

    thanks in advance.....

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    Re: Xterm background color

    Edit /home/<username>/.Xdefaults

    I'll post mine, I play around with settings for other apps too, but surely you can figure out how set Xterm's background..

    # Colors: #
    Xft.antialias:			true
    xcalendar*firstDay:		1
    xcalendar*markHoliday:		false
    !Xcursor.theme: 		whitelarge
    !Xcursor.size: 		32
    !	U R X V T - Setting
    URxvt*perl-ext-common: default,tabbed
    # Clickable URL's in the commandline begin.
    #URxvt*urlLauncher: opera
    #URxvt*matcher.button: 1
    #URxvt*perl-ext-common: matcher
    # Clickable URL's in the commandline end.
    URxvt*cursorBlink: true
    URxvt*geometry:         	83x48
    URxvt*background:       	#000000
    URxvt*foreground:       	#ffffff
    URxvt*inheritPixmap:    	true
    URxvt*reverseVideo:		false
    URxvt*tintColor:        	#dfdfdf
    URxvt*shading:	        20		!trans, 0=opaque    
    URxvt*fading:	        10		!term unfocus      
    !URxvt*font:	     		-lfp-gamow-medium-r-normal-*-*-90-*-*-c-*-iso8859-5
    !URxvt*font:			-*-terminus-medium-*-*-*-17-*-*-*-*-*-koi8-*
    URxvt*font			xft:Monospace:pixelsize=21
    !URxvt*font:  		xft:matto:antialias=true:size=8
    !URxvt*font:			xft:Bitstream Vera Sans mono:size=9
    URxvt*scrollBar:		true
    URxvt*scrollBar_floating:	true
    URxvt*scrollBar_right:	false
    URxvt*scrollColor:		#D25D5D
    URxvt*saveLines:		10000
    !URxvt*termName:		URxvt-ml
    URxvt*cursorColor:		#d8d8d8
    URxvt*colorBD:		lightyellow
    URxvt*colorUL:		goldenrod
    URxvt*color0:		#676767
    URxvt*color8:	        #757575
    URxvt*color1:	        #EA6868
    URxvt*color9:	        #FF7272
    URxvt*color2:	        #ABCB8D
    URxvt*color10:	        #AFD78A
    URxvt*color3:	        #E8AE5B
    URxvt*color11:	        #FFA75D
    URxvt*color4:	        #71C5F4
    URxvt*color12:	        #67CDE9
    URxvt*color5:	        #E2BAF1
    URxvt*color13:	        #ECAEE9
    URxvt*color6:	        #21F1EA
    URxvt*color14:	        #36FFFC
    URxvt*color7:	        #F1F1F1
    URxvt*color15:	        #FFFFFF
    !	X T E R M - Setting
    !XTerm*underLine:		on
    XTerm*colorMode:		on
    XTerm*colorBD:			lightyellow
    !XTerm*colorBDMode:		off
    XTerm*colorUL:			yellow
    XTerm*colorULMode:		on
    XTerm*dynamicColors:		off
    XTerm*highlightSelection:	true
    XTerm*background:		#000000
    XTerm*foreground:		#7f7f7f
    XTerm*color0:		#000000
    XTerm*color8:		#666666
    XTerm*color1:		#9e1828
    XTerm*color9:		#cf6171
    XTerm*color2:		#aece92
    XTerm*color10:		#c5f779
    XTerm*color3:		#968a38
    XTerm*color11:		#fff796
    XTerm*color4:		#414171
    XTerm*color12:		#4186be
    XTerm*color5:		#96c359
    XTerm*color13:		#cf9ebe
    XTerm*color6:		#418179
    XTerm*color14:		#71bebe
    XTerm*color7:		#bebebe
    XTerm*color15:		#ffffff 
    !	X M E S S A G E - Setting
    .xmessage.form.okay.shapeStyle: rectangle
    .xmessage.form.okay.background: #777777
    .xmessage.form.okay.foreground: snow
    !xmessage*message*background: snow
    xmessage*defaultButton: okay
    Xmessage.form.message.Scroll:  WhenNeeded
    !	X F O N T S E L - Setting
    !XFontSel*sampleText.background: TEXTBG
    XFontSel*menu*showUnselectable: false
    XFontSel*MenuButton.shadowWidth: 0
    XFontsel*Toggle*ToggleStyle: check
    XFontsel*MenuButton*Justify:    left
    XFontsel*MenuButton*MenuButtonStyle: select
    .xfontsel.pane.commandBox.quitButton.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.commandBox.quitButton.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.commandBox.ownButton.background: orange3
    .xfontsel.pane.commandBox.ownButton.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.commandBox.countLabel.background: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.viewPort.sampleText.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.viewPort.sampleText.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field0.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field0.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field1.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field1.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field2.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field2.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field3.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field3.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field4.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field4.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field5.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field5.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field6.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field6.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field7.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field7.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field8.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field8.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field9.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field9.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field10.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field10.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field11.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field11.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field12.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field12.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field13.background: #777777
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.field13.foreground: snow
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox*foreground: #000000
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.MenuButton.borderWidth: 1
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.MenuButton.internalHeight: 1
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.MenuButton.internalWidth: 2
    .xfontsel.pane.fieldBox.MenuButton.shapeStyle: rectangle
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    Re: Xterm background color

    Thanks for a quick response....I created a .Xdefaults file in my hone directory but i still have the problem when i start xterm i get white background. I would like to change the background color to be black.
    I found a file called XTerm-color in the following directory:
    I have changed stuff into here but still cannot black background xterm window.
    contents of Xterm-color file is:
    ! $XTermId:,v 1.20 2006/06/24 14:57:29 tom Exp $
    ! $XFree86: xc/programs/xterm/,v 3.7 2005/09/18 23:48:12 dickey Exp $
    #include "XTerm"
    *VT100*colorMode: on
    *VT100*boldColors: on
    *VT100*dynamicColors: on
    ! Set the default text foreground and background colors.
    !*VT100*foreground: gray90
    !*VT100*foreground: black
    !*VT100*background: black
    ! - OR -
    ! Uncomment this for black text on a "white" background.
    *VT100*foreground: black
    *VT100*background: gray90
    ! - OR -
    ! leave the foreground/background colors alone (at the mercy of your desktop
    ! designer).
    ! Color the popup/pulldown menu border to match the text widget's foreground.
    !*SimpleMenu*borderColor: gray15
    ! Uncomment this to use color for underline attribute
    !*VT100*colorULMode: on
    *VT100*colorUL: yellow
    !*VT100*italicULMode: on
    ! Uncomment this to disable underlining, e.g., if colorULMode is set.
    !*VT100*underLine: off
    ! Uncomment this to use color for the bold attribute
    !*VT100*colorBDMode: on
    *VT100*colorBD: white
    ! Uncomment this to use the bold/underline colors in preference to other colors
    !*VT100*colorAttrMode: on
    ! These are the 8 ANSI colors and their bright equivalents.  Depending on
    ! other resource settings, xterm may use the bright colors when displaying
    ! bold text (see the boldColors resource).
    *VT100*color0: black
    *VT100*color1: red3
    *VT100*color2: green3
    *VT100*color3: yellow3
    *VT100*color4: blue2
    *VT100*color5: magenta3
    *VT100*color6: cyan3
    *VT100*color7: gray90
    *VT100*color8: gray50
    *VT100*color9: red
    *VT100*color10: green
    *VT100*color11: yellow
    *VT100*color12: rgb:5c/5c/ff
    *VT100*color13: magenta
    *VT100*color14: cyan
    *VT100*color15: white
    ! Disclaimer: there are no standard colors used in terminal emulation.
    ! The choice for color4 and color12 is a tradeoff between contrast, depending
    ! on whether they are used for text or backgrounds.  Note that either color4 or
    ! color12 would be used for text, while only color4 would be used for a
    ! background.  These are treated specially, since the luminosity of blue is
    ! only about half that of red/green, and is typically not accounted for in the
    ! RGB scheme.
    ! Blue text on a black background should be readable.
    ! Blue backgrounds should not be "too" bright.
    ! Originally color4/color12 were set to the names blue3/blue
    !*VT100*color4: blue3
    !*VT100*color12: blue
    ! They are from rgb.txt respectively:
    !  0   0 205		blue3
    !  0   0 255		blue
    ! However, blue3 is not readable on a black background.
    ! Another choice was from the Debian settings:
    !*VT100*color4: DodgerBlue1
    !*VT100*color12: SteelBlue1
    ! From rgb.txt:
    ! 30 144 255		DodgerBlue1
    ! 99 184 255		SteelBlue1
    ! Some users object to this choice because the background (color4) is brighter
    ! than they are accustomed.  Others point out that the different weights for
    ! the red/green components make it appear to be not really blue.  Finally, it
    ! provides poor contrast against color13 and color14.
    ! The current choice uses equal weights for red/green (effectively adding a
    ! gray to the result).  It is brighter than the original choice, and provides
    ! more contrast between color12 and color13, color14 than SteelBlue1 did.
    ! Contrast of color4 against black is slightly improved over the original.
    ! Some refinement is certainly possible (you are welcome to try) -TD
    #if PLANES > 8
    ! Color the popup menus and the menubar to match:
    *SimpleMenu*background: AntiqueWhite
    *SimpleMenu*foreground: gray15
    ! Color the menubar to match:
    *Form.menubar.background: AntiqueWhite
    *Form.menubar*background: AntiqueWhite
    *Form.menubar.foreground: gray15
    *Form.menubar*foreground: gray15
    *Form.background: AntiqueWhite
    *form.background: AntiqueWhite
    *mainMenu*background: AntiqueWhite
    *mainMenu*foreground: gray15
    *vtMenu*background: AntiqueWhite
    *vtMenu*foreground: gray15
    *fontMenu*background: AntiqueWhite
    *fontMenu*foreground: gray15
    *tekMenu*background: AntiqueWhite
    *tekMenu*foreground: gray15
    ! The following two sections take advantage of new features in version 7
    ! of the Athena widget library; see Xaw(7x).
    ! This section is commented out because Xaw has no way to dynamically size
    ! the gradient.  The dimension parameter may need to be adjusted depending
    ! on the font used in the menu.
    !*SimpleMenu*backgroundPixmap:   gradient:vertical?dimension=350&start=gray90&end=gray60
    !*SimpleMenu*foreground:         gray15
    *VT100.scrollbar.thumb:         vlines2
    *VT100.scrollbar.width:         14
    *VT100.scrollbar.background:    gray60
    *VT100.scrollbar.foreground:    rgb:a/5/5
    *VT100.scrollbar.borderWidth:   0
    foreground      gray90;\
    lines           1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1;\
    foreground      gray60;\
    lines           -1,0,0,0,0,-1

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    Re: Xterm background color

    Once you have changed your .Xdefaults file, it is necessary to tell the X Windows server to read the changed file. Here are two ways to do that.

    1. Log out and log back in.

    2. Enter the command: xrdb --merge .Xdefaults


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