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Thread: Frustrations in Xfce4.x

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    Frustrations in Xfce4.x

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    Re: Frustrations in Xfce4.x

    5. Make it so dragging and dropping in thunar doesn't required two clicks. If you go to drag a file in Thunar, it defaults to a rubber band selection.
    It's like that so you can use rubber band selection while in list view.
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    Re: Frustrations in Xfce4.x

    1) your talking about 2 different programs, thunar and xfdesktop, it's common for 2 different programs to do different things.
    for example: instead of drag & drop to the desktop, drag & drop to the desktop folder on the left side(shortcut panel) and you will get a progress bar for large files.

    2) not sure what you mean. i get a progress bar with text, just like the drag & drop.

    3) the desktop> xfdesktop -reload

    thunar> ctrl+ r <or> view > reload

    4) it's under file, same amount of clicks as a right click.

    5) ? , i left click hold and drag. anyways 2 clicks, are you lazy?

    6) it's in the status bar? do you have the status bar on?

    7) very easy if you already have a place in mind:
    cp %f ~/path/where/you/want/it/
    mv %f ~/path/where/you/want/it/

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