Hi everyone, I just tried to download Ubuntu again, to give it another go. I am following the directions of the Ubuntu site and doing the "md5" check. I am running a Macintosh running OS X Leopard, by the way, and I try to follow the instructions to check the md5checksum.

So, I used the command line instructions,(due to the directions say "Mac OS X users use the Linux way) and in my command line, none of the commands it gives me works, the computer does nothing and does not respond. The only thing it did was change my programming language from "bash" to "md5" and nothing happens. All the commands it gives me does absolutely nothing. I get no hash code, nothing.

So, then I try the Disk Utility way, and it says to drag Ubuntu's icon to the Disk Utility dock icon. I grab the phantom drive the computer gave me (That white rectangle which sort of looks like the MacintoshHD Icon) and all the computer tells me is to make a "new volume." I read more of the instructions and it says I should have Ubuntu on the left side under my main hardware drives (it is) and it tells me to go under Images > Checksum > MD5. But the thing is, my computer does not have it, but the instructions tell me that my Mac is supposed to have it. The only option I have is "CRC-32 image checksum."

Do I have to download this MD5? Why doesn't my computer have the MD5, and why doesn't the command line way work either to check if Ubuntu downloaded correctly? And would CRC-32 image checksum work as well? I really do not know what to do. Please help.