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Thread: -server as Router/Nas

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    -server as Proxy for another Proxy

    I have a small problem. At work are we using a proxy server which means every time I have to enter my username and password which is by some applications not really helpful (also I get problems to install SCCM).
    Anyway, I am running a Ubuntu server for my VMs and would now like to set it up that I use this PC/Server for my connection so that I dont have to enter anymore the password.
    I installed now a Squid proxy server which works so far fine as I can see it, but how can I automatize the other proxy authentication?

    Later I just want to set the IP of the Ubuntu-Server in my Firefox/Internet Explorer Settings and use the Ubuntu primary for my internet connections where I have entered my password for the real proxy.
    The Ubuntuserver has only one NIC but I hope it is not a issue.

    I hope someone can help me with that

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