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Thread: Intrepid Ibex Persistent Sound Issues

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    Intrepid Ibex Persistent Sound Issues

    I'm aware of the "no sound" issues that people are having. I have sound, but the problem is, is that it sounds like a pack of wild mice are all trying to speak through one of those vibration things that people who smoked too much use. I've tried setting my stuff on Autodectect, removing Pulseaudio (not sure I did that correctly), OSS, ALSA. Its just being a pain. I've worked through Ubuntu's imcompatabilites before but this one is really stumping me. If you need any big code lists from terinal or anything please ask.
    Also, rather than just fixing my sound on Ibex, what's an easy way to go back to Heron? Or from what I understand there's an even newer version.
    One more thing... I'm not sure if I have 64-bit or 32-bit. What is an easy way to check?

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    Re: Intrepid Ibex Persistent Sound Issues

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