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Thread: parental controls

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    parental controls

    I have a spare PC that would be ideal for my 5 year old to use, however it would be tricky for me to monitor what she does on it 24/7.

    It is currently running Ubuntu Hardy. I want to set up a user account with minimal access and auto login. Just tux-paint, frozen bubble, potato guy and Cbeebies website via firefox. Maybe one or two others later.

    What is the simplist way to set this all up without crippling my ability to use the system when I want to?

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    Re: parental controls

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    Re: parental controls

    You should look at both of these add-ins for Firefox:

    Glubble and Kidzui

    Either of these will allow you to lock Firefox into a "kid mode" that allows only pre-authorized (by you) websites -- and you can go back to "normal" browsing with a password.

    Is this what you were looking for?

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    Re: parental controls

    Create a new account without admin privileges, then edit the menubar to hide all unwanted entries. For a 5-year-old, I might even remove the menubar completely, and just put some launchers on the desktop. In fact, there's really no reason for a 5-year-old to need the top panel or multiple workspaces, so I'd remove them also. If you go into the Compiz settings and use the Window Rules plugin to prevent any window from being minimized, you can remove the bottom panel as well.

    I prefer the ProCon Latte extension to Glubble, simply because I prefer to not rely on a web service. If the Glubble site happens to go down for some reason, the Glubble extension won't work, but the ProCon Latte still will. And since ProCon Latte allows whitelisting as well as blacklisting of websites, it's ideal for this specific application.

    Procon Latte also allows you to remove the ProCon Latte settings from the Tools menu, lock the Addons menu, and password-protect the whole thing. Older, more computer-savvy kids would still be able to bypass this sort of thing, such as by using the Firefox ProfileManager to create a new profile, but that would be the same for any extension, including Glubble. No parental control method is fool-proof except actually watching the child.


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