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Thread: Separate partitions for each /home/user?

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    Question Separate partitions for each /home/user?


    For the sake of security, I'm considering the benefits of putting one user's /home/user1 directory on a removable SDHC, while putting a different user's /home/user2 directory and a guest user's /home/user3 directory in their own individual partitions on the laptop's hard drive. I'd like to do this at the time that I'm installing Ubuntu on my laptop. However, I'm kind of a novice at partitioning--I have some experience, but not a lot, and I don't understand all the ins-and-outs of partitioning.

    My question is, is this scheme even possible? Will Ubuntu recognize separate user's /home directories on separate partitions without much fuss? Or can I, at best, do what I've always done--set up just a single separate /home partition, with each user's directory on the same partition?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Re: Separate partitions for each /home/user?

    I'm honestly not sure about separate partitions for each home directory, but I'd imagine it's possible...hopefully someone else can answer that.

    As for home directories on removable media, I think there are some issues with that, particularly with things like resuming from hibernation and things like that. Just thought you might want to look into it before getting too far into the process if there is a known problem that's going to be a "deal breaker".

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