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    Re: Yamaha Audiogram 6

    i can confirm Yamaha Audiogram 6 is plug and play, out of the box, no driver install whatever in both ubuntu studio 10.04 and Fedora 14.

    it shows in sound preferences under hardware as USB Audio CODEC, as well as under jackd inputs.

    i have used it successfully with modeling software and vst plugins.

    the usb connection is perfect, however the line-outs had noise in the output when connected to the line-in of the audio card.

    any of the stereo inputs easily accept the mono input for a guitar with active pickups. although the point is moot

    the controls are very subtle and very good (almost too subtle). unless the guitar is run through a DI box and then to the Mic imput of the Audiogram. the control settings such as comp and gain then become much more vibrant especialy the phantom power.

    Awesome, awesome sound.

    the Audiogram 6 itself has a good weight to it. seems solid and well built. definitely a piece of machine.
    the buttons and knobs i confirm are a lil on the cheap side.
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