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Thread: XSane Scanning Negatives

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    Question XSane Scanning Negatives

    I am trying to ditch Windows entirely but it seems that I need to keep it around. Too Bad!

    XSane .991


    Using an Epson 4180 scanner under Win2K I had no difficulty scanning negatives. You put a strip of negatives into the holder and after scanning you got a bunch of individual photos that were like any other. The software named and numbered them.

    Now using XSane under Linux I want to do the same thing. I have been using XSane for a couple of years and find the software better than what came with the scanner under windows until now.

    There are two problems:

    1. When I try to scan using Transparency Unit and Kodak Negative I get a scan of a negative with no option to turn it into a photo. I want the software to produce a photo (positive).

    2. When scanning a strip you get one file with all of the negatives scanned as a strip instead of individual images.

    Like I said, these things were produced automatically under windows.

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    Re: XSane Scanning Negatives

    this may be a timeless problem, I have the same issue.

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