Hi all,

New to Linux. I have a dual boot setup with XP. Following what seems to be the common advice I have moved all of my music and pictures onto a third partition (FAT32) that I created today. I also have a Mac laptop running Leopard on my wireless network. Here's the issue: Even though I have set the Music and Pictures folder on the third partition to be shared, the Mac cannot access them. It can SEE the folders, but when I try to access them I get this message: "The operation cannot be completed because the original item for 'my music' cannot be found". I've tried unmounting and remounting the drive, I've tried setting the permissions on specific song files in the Music folder on the third partition, but I still get the same message. Now, if I move one of those files to my Home folder on my Linux partition (which I've also shared) and then try to access it, there's no problem at all. It's only when I try to access the files on the third partition directly. Do I need to go into Windows and mark them as shared as well? Does this belong on a Mac forum instead?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

Noob... I mean James