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Thread: MythTV doesn't see Pendrive

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    MythTV doesn't see Pendrive

    I'm fighting with some adjustments and smoothing my Mythbuntu 8.10. There are some problems to solve:

    1. My Winfast TV2000 remote controller doesn't work correctly. It does, but only the numbers 0-9, Enter key and volume control key. I've googled a lot of hours, but I've haven't find solution yet. And I'm not alone with this problem.

    2. I have a problem with TV Guide. I cannot configure this correctly or it is already configured, but my slow internet connection doesn't allow to work it correctly

    3. MythTV doesn't see Pendrive.

    I will expand a little bit this third problem. I've copied some data to my pendrive and put this pendrive to HTPC. System - recognize this pendrive, so I can see it on my desktop. I have access to this Pendrive, I can explore it with file explorer, I can copy the data, modify them, make new folders etc. etc.
    When I put this pendrive during MythTV working MythTV doesn't see it. I mean in multimedia manager - movies, pictures I cannot select my pendrive and watch the movie directly from pendrive, or watch the pictures from it.
    When I switch off MythTV and go to system, put the pendrive to USB port, start again MythTV, everything is OK, that means I can play movies from pendrive, because I can choose the pendrive from movie manager, also I can see the pictures from subfolders.
    Yesterday I've put my pendrive with MythTV switched on. And suddenly the MythTV jump to the picture viewer automaticly and select my pendrive folders... So I've change do movie manager and happily find that it is possible to select pendrive to watch movie from it.
    So I disconnect my pendrive, put into my second computer, empty it, "load" with some movies and again put to the HTPC with working MythTV on it...
    I don't know what I've done wrong, but MythTV didn't behave like few minutes before... It didn't see this pendrive anymore, of course when I switch to file manager I can easily copy the files from pendrive, because system sees this pendrive.

    Can anybody explain what is going on with MythTV and pendrives?

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    Re: MythTV doesn't see Pendrive

    Nobody doesn't have problem with seeing pendrive in Mythbuntu???


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