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Thread: iconv transliteration russian chars

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    iconv transliteration russian chars


    I'm trying to convert from utf8 to us-ascii/TRANSLIT (iconv -f utf-8 -t us-ascii//TRANSLIT sometext). It works for french and german etc (removing accents etc). The problem I'm having occurs when I try to convert cyrillic/russian characters to us-ascii/TRANSLIT (i.e трактор => traktor). This results in a bunch of questionmarks I'm on Ubuntu 8.10 by the way, I installed russian language on it. Did anyone outhere get it to work with cyrillic/russian characters?

    best regards!

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    Re: iconv transliteration russian chars

    You can see this site :

    1. Deselect "Auto Convert"
    2. Type your word; for example: "traktor"
    3. Click "
    4. And you get : "трактор"

    I wold like to have a program that makes same thing off line, without Internet


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    Re: iconv transliteration russian chars

    ok thanks... i'd rather have it working on my own system though...


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    Post Re: iconv transliteration russian chars

    Hi , the best way to get Russian transliteration to work is to install ibus.
    I had to upgrade my Ubuntu to 9.10 (Karmic) though.
    Here is some useful advice
    and here is the instructions on how to install ibus

    Then just add Russian > translit to your Input Methods from an ibus preferences window.

    Avoid the ibus-table-translit package its just way too awkward.

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    Re: iconv transliteration russian chars

    Thanks, for the tip!

    However, there is no real documentation of it as far as I can tell...

    What does it do? How do you use it?
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