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Thread: DAZZLE DVC100 - installation help

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    DAZZLE DVC100 - installation help


    I would install an DAZZLE DVC 100 - adapter, an adapter who can transferring from an old VHS and older analog things to my computer, im using the Instant recorder - prgoram, but i cant install the adapter in Ubuntu 8.10. Anyone who knows how todo?

    In the swedish Ubuntu forum, a guy told me to check in this link:

    There was a lot of codes there, and i have not used Linux before, so everything is quite new for me, so i did not understand anything.

    Anyone who can help where to find the right things so i can use the adapter?

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    Re: DAZZLE DVC100 - installation help

    Here are the commands needed to install your device in a condensed version:

    1. Open an Applications-->Accessories-->Terminal and type:

      with your device plugged in the result should look something like this:

      Bus 005 Device 003: ID 2304:021 a Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
    2. You will need to install a few programs to help compile the driver. In the same terminal type:

      sudo apt-get install mercurial build-essential
    3. You need to use mecurial you installed in the previous step to retrieve the source module:

      First you deed to create a directory to download the module source to:

      mkdir ~/src
      This command creates a directory called src in you home directory. Next change directory to src:

      cd ~/src
    4. This next command:

      hg clone
      downloads the module source to the directory you just created, go get a cup of your favorite beverage as this step may take a while.

      cd v4l-dvb
      The above command changes directory to the directory that was created when the module source was retrieved
    5. the next step is to compile the source:

      You will see some errors, but it is safe ignore them
    6. The final step is to install the modules:

      sudo make install
      once this step is done the driver for your device should load automagically when the device is plugged in.

    Note: I just had a look and the driver for your device is available in kernel 2.6.28-11 which is part of Jaunty, the next version of Ubuntu due out at the end of April



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