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Thread: blank screen on trying Ubuntu from CD

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    Exclamation blank screen on trying Ubuntu from CD

    Dear Ubuntu Community,

    I want to trial Ubuntu before installing it. Here's my story:

    I booted from the CD, and chose the 'Try Ubuntu without altering PC' option. It took a while to boot. Once the loading bar had reached full, it then switched to a blank screen and just sat there. I waited 20min before giving up and rebooting.

    I tried 'Test Integrity of CD', and there were no errors. I tried to 'Try Ubuntu without altering PC' and the same thing occured.

    I don't want to install Ubuntu if the same thing is going to happen when it start up. I will then have no way to use it, and possibly uninstall it...?

    My PC is a Dell Optiplex 755. Only alteration to the stock standard is that an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT has been installed so I can use two monitors. Would this be causing the issue? Perhaps this adapter is not supported?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

    kind regards,


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    Re: blank screen on trying Ubuntu from CD

    Hi, you can use Ubuntu inside of windows with Wubi from here,this is like any other software of virtualisation but diferent,or you can use the vmware!Any way this software will isntall the ubuntu for you and if you are not appy ADD/REMOVE,but if you are appy then you can transfer to a real partition.About the grafics i'm not a hardware expert but that could be the problem look heremaybe you will found more infu...

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    Re: blank screen on trying Ubuntu from CD

    The LiveCD will work with most but not all systems, and most of the times I've seen where people have had problems, it's been due to the video card and/or the monitor. You might want to try this.

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