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Thread: How do i show public holidays in Tbird calendar

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    How do i show public holidays in Tbird calendar

    hi there. i would really like to be able to display public holidays in my Thunderbird calendar.
    i have been scratching my head and reading posts etc but am no further forward. is there maybe a simple plug-in or something that will enable my tbird calendar to show when united kingdom public holidays and other such events are? like they do in google calendar?
    i have got the google/gmail calendar plugin installed on thunderbird and it shows my g calendar but not the national/public holidays and so on that are visible there.
    any help will be, as always, gratefully received.
    cheers very much
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    Re: How do i show public holidays in Tbird calendar

    I think if you copy the XML link into the plugin, it will show it.

    I just tested this, and added my username and password (for my Google Account) and the calendar opened right up. I highly doubt that I can actually make edits to the calendar.

    For US Holidays:

    UK Holidays:

    I tested and verified this in Thunderbird+Google Calendar WebDAV Plugin.
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