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Thread: Do it again

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    Re: Do it again

    ...members advised that they found many of your posts were insulting and personal attacks.
    Let's see them. You never cited a single example. Again you are making proof by mere assertion and do not provide one bit of evidence to support your claim.

    Members also reported that a number of your posts were intended to incite argument.
    Wow, we have psychics here! I find it laughable you can even claim members knew of my "intentions" in any post I made here or anywhere.

    After discussion between the Forum Staff it was decided that a private message was to be sent to you regarding this .
    Uh huh. Post a single comment I made here after getting that PM in which I violated the CofC. Besides the rhetorical comment I made (in which you decided, against the common sense that could be expected even of a ten year old, to take personally) I have abided that request.

    Come on... let's see proof to the contrary. In the case of my russian friend, at least 80% of the posts made to this forum were not even "chat" but technical support - much of those posts, I might add, in answer to queries no one else had bothered with. In looking back over your twenty pages of posts I did not find, in the first ten pages, where you had addressed a single technical issue - or even, with the exception of threatening to dig into your "box of locks," where you had posted anything outside the "chat" forum. You claim in your profile to be in the IT field, but I see no proof of it. Have you ever fielded a tech support issue in this forum?

    BTW kiwi, did YOU ever sign the CofC? How can anyone expect you to defend - or even abide - principles which you will not even agree merit your signature?

    Again I ask: why are you here? And what are the priorities of this tech support forum if you repeatedly (yes, I know I am not the first) drive off those who actually provide support?

    Your actions to continue to register new accounts has further indicated your reluctance to acceptthe rules and decisions of the Forum staff.
    A "resolution forum" in which members may be banned from participation is not a "resolution forum" at all. if you refuse to change this policy it will be obvious to anyone with even a nominal capacity for logical thought that this forum exists in name only as but a token to the ideals upon which linux, debian, and the ubuntu distribution itself are constructed.

    But of course, we already know you yourself do not embrace those ideals, so none of the rest should be a surprise.

    A decision had been made to make the ban a permanent ban, however this can be changed depending on your response to this decision.

    The decision is that the ban will continue and should you create further accounts to evade this ban you will be banned permanently
    I am banned permanently but if I evade your 'request" I will be banned permanently?

    Man, you really do suck at logical expression. Are you really in the IT field?

    You can make the ban as permanent as you like. I will be at the CC meeting to raise the issue there.
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    Re: Do it again

    The decision has been read and the matter is now closed.
    This account is not active.

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