I have been an Ubuntu user for a couple of years now and installed it on everything I own, desktop, laptop, PS3, ..etc. I recently purchased my first Mac which is a MacBook 1,1. Naturally the first thing I wanted to do was install Ubuntu and dual boot it with OSX. However the internal dvd drive was broken when I bought it so I had to resort to an external firewire drive. The drive worked great for installing OSX Leopard but when it came to Ubuntu I hit a wall. First I had to get a copy of boot camp (now only available with Leopard which is why I installed it) to create a partition. After creating the partition I rebooted and held down the option key to select the dvd drive and install. The drive was recognized (as Windows with the Ubuntu 8.10 disk) and I selected to boot from it. I ended up with a black screen saying "No system software detected" and it froze. After some digging I found out about rEFIt and installed it. After running rEFIt's partition tool to re-sync the partitions I tried to run my install cd again. This time I got "non-boot disk- replace and press any key to continue" also with it being frozen. So now I am back to square 1 with no idea of how to get Ubuntu installed. If anyone could shine a new light on this problem that would be awesome.